How to feel better in just a few minutes!

The strains of sitting in your office chair can lead to neck, shoulder and lower back pain through pressure on the lumbar spine, over-stretching of the mid and upper back, and shortening of the chest and hips. Stress can add to any tension and very quickly you end up with back, hip, neck & shoulder pain, a headache - and none of these help to improve your mood!

The videos in this vault have been designed to be short and doable at your desk, in a chair, or even on the floor (the advantage of working from home)! You don't really need anything, but having a mat, some books or firm cushions, rolled up towels and blankets can help with some of the poses.

You will also find our handy guide to "Healthy Snacking When Working From Home" with lots of tips on how to stay energised and stop the mindless grazing that adds to tiredness and weight gain!

Take a few minutes when you feel you need a break and follow the videos to:

  • Dial down your stress

  • Release tension and pain in your body

  • Move out sluggishness and exhaustion

  • Come out of computer overload, tired eyes & screen brain

Wellbeing at Work

Select a pain point - and begin the release!

  • 1

    Sore Neck & Shoulders

  • 2

    Lower Back Pain

    • Ease Lower Back Pain

  • 3

    Upper Back Tension

    • Upper Back Release

  • 4

    Headaches & Eye Fatigue

    • Hummingbee Breath for Headaches

  • 5

    Low Energy & Exhaustion

    • Refreshing Chair Dance - 3 Part Daoist Breath

  • 6

    Racing Thoughts & Anxiety

    • Zen Breath Counting

    • Even Breathing

    • Lengthening the Inhales and Exhales

  • 7

    Take a Break & Move!

    • Awakening The Spine

  • 8

    Rapid After Work Release

    • 13 Minutes After Work Release

    • Full After Work Stretch

  • 9

    Healthy Snacking When Working From Home

    • Healthy Snacking When Working From Home ebook

  • 10

    Contact Us

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